Experience. Technology. Dedication. Compassion.

Our dedicated and professional staff is committed to providing excellent care and service through state of the art technology. We are excited to be able to provide all your pets wellness and medical needs.

Pain Management

 We take pain relief very seriously and employ preventive pain management strategies using local anesthetics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and other analgesic medications for all surgical procedures, wounds, dental extractions, arthritic-related problems, and pain inducing illnesses.


If your pet is sick or injured, and immediate results are needed, we have an in-house laboratory that can give us organ function results within minutes.  In addition, we utilize the services of a national reference lab to perform specialty tests that can’t be performed in house.  Laboratory testing can provide our Veterinary Health Care Team with clues and information needed for early detection of disease and to better diagnose, treat your pet.


We perform a variety of general soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.  To ensure safety, all surgical patients are watched with state-of-the art monitoring and vital support equipment, much like in human medicine.  Our standards of care are very high for each anesthetic patient.  Each patient has current bloodwork, IV catheter and receives the safest gas anesthesia available to people and animals.  We also use the services of mobile surgical specialists who can perform non-routine and orthopedic surgeries at our hospital.

CO2 Surgical Laser

Surgical lasers are new advanced surgical tools that help reduce pain and inflammation to our patients.  The benefits of laser use also include a reduction in bleeding and post-operative swelling.


We offer a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and topical medications to help meet your pet’s needs. Prescription food/diets are also commonly used in the treatment of our sick patients.  They are highly palatable and our clients love that the “medicine is in the food”.

Digital Radiology

On-site digital x-ray equipment provides high-quality radiographs to aid in the diagnosis of many disorders. If needed, we have access to a board certified radiologist to review your pet’s images to aid in diagnoses and interpretation.  The radiologist can interpret the radiographs electronically in just a matter of minutes.


We perform abdominal or chest ultrasounds at our office in order to rapidly diagnose and help treat many conditions.  The scan can be performed in our office or by boarded specialists or the images can be sent to them for second opinions.

Progressive Dental Care

Periodontal disease is the number one health problem in cats and dogs over 3 years old.  Dental disease puts stress on your pet’s body and can lead to serious liver, kidney, and heart disease.  We provide an extensive dental care program and use the safest anesthesia available along with advanced monitoring, dental x-rays, fluoride treatment, ultrasonic scaling and polishing and oral surgery.  Preventive dental care may add years to your pets’ lives while improving their quality of life.   We will educate our pet parents on performing home care and its importance during your pets wellness visit.

Senior Care

Dogs and cats over seven years old are considered seniors and need special attention. To keep pets feeling their best, semi-annual checkups are recommended. Older pets are at higher risk for cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, cancer and other serious medical conditions.  Often these conditions come on gradually, and owners may not detect the discomfort they may cause. At Seville Veterinary Hospital we are “senior pet friendly”.

Preventative Care

To ensure your pet is healthy and happy prevention medicine is key. Immunization, heartworm preventatives and yearly blood screens are needed to help extend the life of your pet.  At our hospital we create individualized treatment plans for your pet based on his/her breed, age, sex, and lifestyle.  We know that no two pets are identical.   


Campaign Laser Therapy is a new progression in veterinary field.  Laser therapy is a pain free and side effect free form a treatment for your pet.  It helps with arthritic pain, inflammation, wounds and much more.  Please [CLICK HERE] to see our laser video.

Puppy and Kitten

Who doesn’t love puppies and kittens? At our hospital we offer puppy and kitten packages which include discount towards spaying and neutering.


 We provide a comfortable and fun place for your pet. All of our boarding is indoors away from the heat.