We create a home away from home for your pet. We want to make the experience as stress free as possible for your pet. Our boarding facility is indoors away from Arizona’s heat. We offer varies sizes of accommodations for your pet. Our feline friends are boarded away from any noise that may stress them. Please feel free to call us 480-279-2831 if you have any question regarding your pets stay.

Another advantage of boarding your pet at Seville Veterinary Hospital is that veterinary attention is readily available should the need arise. All boarders are required to be up-to-date on vaccines and have a flea and tick preventative. Over the counter vaccines and/or parasitic preventatives are not accepted at Seville Veterinary Hospital.

Our canine boarders are walked three times a day for about 10-15 minutes each time. While boarding, we feed your pet as to your specifications. We prefer you bring in your own food and treats that your pet is accustom to for a reduction in GI stress. However we do feed Science Diet w/d if needed. This is a palatable, highly digestible diet. You may bring in your pets bed and toys. Please label all of your pet’s belongings before checking in. For our feline friends we are not able to keep their scratching post.

Please call us 480-279-2831 and speak with a boarding specialist if you have questions about pricing. We do require a 50% nonrefundable deposit to hold holiday reservations.